TAXEAT is a pioneering company based in Israel that has seamlessly merged the world of taxi services with the ever-growing demand for food delivery. Their innovative app project, aimed at making food accessible to every individual across the nation, is a testament to their commitment to convenience and customer satisfaction. The UI design process for TAXEAT has been a harmonious blend of two cultures: the vibrant and enticing world of food, and the iconic imagery of taxi services. The app's interface beautifully marries these elements, using a palette of colors that not only makes the food appear mouthwateringly delicious but also conveys the essence of a taxi food delivery service. With the added touch of special technology like thermal blankets to keep the food warm during delivery and delivery food all , TAXEAT's UI project perfectly encapsulates their mission to revolutionize food delivery services in Israel.
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UI layout-  new account creation
profile page
restaurants front page 
waiting page
 taxeat Customer service pov: order-handling overview
UI layout 
try the interactive Taxeat experience

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